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Exciting week for young people in Minjilang

19 May 2023

This week in Minjilang, West Arnhem Regional Council’s Youth, Sport and Recreation (YSR) program received generous donations from ‘Kitbag for Kids’ which were given out to the kids in community. It was so good to see little happy faces running around with new footy shirts on. Thank you to ‘Kitbag for Kids’!
The YSR team would also like to welcome Etitera, who has lived at Minjilang for a long time, to the team. All the kids are very excited and looking forward to new and exciting programs and activities run by Sophia and Etitera. 
The kids have been very engaged in activities, including playing with plastercene recently. They loved experimenting with plastercene and it was great to see them coming up with their own designs.
The YSR team have been taking the kids to the basketball court in the afternoons to play a game which was then followed by a game with the older youth.
As Kurrung is fast approaching, Minjilang have also received their training gear and will commence training soon!