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MEDIA RELEASE - Mayor calls for federal infrastructure funding for Gunbalanya clinic

04 May 2022

West Arnhem Regional Council congratulates the Northern Territory Government’s progress on the construction of a new health centre for Jabiru, following the announcement of the $12 million tender release yesterday.


The tender announcement by Minister for Health Natasha Fyles includes the construction of a new Jabiru health centre, renal unit and morgue which will replace the existing clinic which is no longer considered fit for purpose. 


In August 2020, Northern Territory Government Chief Minister Michael Gunner also announced the commitment to fund the co-design of a new health clinic and morgue for Gunbalanya, and Council acknowledges the NT Government’s support to fund this process.


As the co-design process nears completion, West Arnhem Regional Council Mayor Matthew Ryan now calls on Federal Election candidates to commit to the infrastructure funding for the Gunbalanya clinic, which he believes, is the priority location for a new clinic in the West Arnhem region.


“It is critical now more than ever that we realise the far greater and desperate need for a new health centre just across the river in Gunbalanya,” Mayor Ryan said. 


Comparatively, Gunbalanya is much larger in size to Jabiru and local residents are cut off for months during the wet season. There is also a stark disparity between the standards of the Gunbalanya clinic infrastructure when compared to the conditions of clinics in other parts of Australia.


“While we have been advocating for years, Gunbalanya still doesn’t have a suitable health facility for the 1000 plus people who live there. In fact, the current clinic is beyond sub-standard condition, is culturally inappropriate and is not meeting the basic health requirements our community members deserve and need.”


Mayor Ryan welcomes a commitment by major federal parties to fully fund this critical infrastructure.