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Aboriginal Health Work Training commences in Maningrida

14 July 2022

The long-awaited Aboriginal Health Worker Training recently started up in Maningrida after being put on hold due to COVID-19. 
Thanks to generous funding from NTPHN, the Certificate II in Aboriginal Primary Health will be delivered in Maningrida, giving students the opportunity to 'learn on the job' and have accessible training in their community.
Cr James Woods, Workforce Coordinator at Mala'la Health, has been leading the strategic planning for many years. 
"I'm very proud to see our candidates participate in this course.  As part of Community Control, a key area of focus is to increase the pool of qualified Aboriginal Health Workers.  This will have a significant impact on better health and stronger communities." 
In their first Unit of Competency, students discussed important health and infection control measures. 
They reflected on their direct experiences managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Maningrida and the measures in place to support health and wellbeing. Students also developed and presented culturally relevant health promotion material that can increase community awareness about various health issues. 
"Adult learners bring a lot of knowledge and experience to training and they value learning that is contextual and relatable. By bringing the course to Maningrida, students can access learning from home, share their workplace experiences in the health industry and demonstrate their skills in the workplace. 
They will also graduate at home in front of their families and friends so everyone can be there to share in their moment!" said Training Coordinator, Seide Ramadani. 
Guest Speaker, Charmaine Starr (RHD Nurse in Maningrida), also shared her journey into health work as an Aboriginal woman and the personal drivers that inspired her to overcome the barriers and achieve her goal to become a Registered Remote Area Nurse.  

She encouraged students to reflect on the importance of local Aboriginal representation in health in improving health outcomes.     
The course is part of Mala'la Health Service's Aboriginal Workforce Development Strategy with the long-term goal of increasing qualified Aboriginal Health Workers in Maningrida.  
After completing the Certificate II in Aboriginal Primary Health, students can elect to continue their learning journey and progress to a Certificate 3 and 4 in Aboriginal Primary Health Work and Practitioner Training. 
Mala'la have partnered with Ninti Training to support the learning journey. 
The sky's the limit!  Good luck to all the students of the Class of 2022 in Maningrida!