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Advance training for remote broadcasters

10 May 2018

Fifteen remote community broadcasters from across Top End communities attended the Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service Advance Workshop recently held at TEABBA (Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association) Radio from 1 – 3 May. 
The workshop provided the RIBS (Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services) broadcasters with new skills and knowledge in voice recordings, editing and uploading content to their radio playout systems when performing local shows to lift community broadcasting content. 
TEABBA Broadcaster/Trainer and West Arnhem Representative Bernard Namok Jnr (Bala B) said duo Peter Gwadbu and Gail Ngalwungirr, who are Warruwi RIBS broadcasters, showed excellent skills in voice recording and editing production.
TEABBA Radio staff/trainers were also standing by to offer their support and skills to the RIBS Broadcasters. 
If listeners would like to request a song or come on and have a yarn with the presenters about issues you are facing, awareness or to promote your event call 8939 0408 and talk to one of the broadcasters. 
Also, add TEABBA Radio on Facebook - Teabba - Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association to follow all the trainings, festivals and our movements in the dry-season.