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Bininj Kunwok Language Project resources help keep language strong

23 January 2018

Now in their tenth year of operation, the important work of the Bininj Kunwok Language Project is continuing in 2018 with a number of big projects under way.
Funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program, the Language Centre incorporates a team of Bininj language workers and Balanda linguists who assist to ensure that Bininj languages of Kakadu and western Arnhem Land remain strong into the future.
The Bininj Kunwok Language Centre supports the language needs of any organisation in the region who seek to engage with Bininj Kunwok dialects as part of their service delivery goals. 
The best known language of the region is Kunwinjku but other dialects have their own names for their varieties too — Kundjeyhmi is spoken in Kakadu National Park, Kuninjku is spoken around Maningrida, Kune is spoken at outstations to the south of Maningrida near the Cadell River and Kundedjnjenghmi is the name for the variety spoken up on the Arnhem Land plateau at places like Manmoyi, Kamarrkawarn and Kabulwarnamyo. 

Some of the most recent resources produced by the Centre include a colouring book for preschool children which is for sale in stores around Jabiru and Kunbarlanja. 
The have also supported a new book in Kune language produced in collaboration with Batchelor College’s language programs at Maningrida coordinated by linguists Margaret Carew and Aung Si.