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Bininj Kunwok phrasebook launched

31 August 2022

The Bininj Kunwok Phrasebook featuring illustrations by Graham Rostron has been launched.
This phrasebook has been developed by the Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre for people to learn more about the language and cultures of Western and Central Arnhem Land. It features the stunning artwork of Kune-speaking artist Graham Rostron from Central Arnhem Land. Providing useful words and phrases for interacting with Bininj in appropriate and respectful ways, it gives additional information about the culture and life in the region. Bininj has various meanings, including human (as opposed to nonhuman), Aboriginal (as opposed to non-Aboriginal) and man (as opposed to woman). Kunwok can mean language, speech, story, report, discourse. Together, Bininj Kunwok basically means ‘the people’s language’. Bininj Kunwok includes the languages or dialects of Kunwinjku, Kuninjku, Kundjeyhmi, Kundedjnjenghmi, Kune and Mayali. Proceeds from this book go back to supporting the Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre and keeping First Nations languages alive and strong for future generations.
The phrase book includes pronunciation, grammar, everyday words and phrases, politeness, people, kinship, nature, food, art, music and much more.
Copies are available at outlets in Kakadu National Park and art centres of West Arnhem Land.