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Boaties hit the water for Alligator Fishing Club Challenge

07 September 2017

The Alligator Fishing Club Challenge has wrapped up for yet another year with some amazing catches and some even more amazing stories!
The prizes rocked with everything from swags, to Great Northern eskys with Great Northern Beer to put in the eskys and some top of the rods and reels.
Thank you to everyone who entered, who organised and who joined us at the JSSC for the presentation night. Some of the catch highlights were Mike Martin’s 132cm Jewfish and Sean Fagan’s champion barra at 90 cm.
Results were:
- Biggest Male Barra: Sean Fagan, Secret Spot, 90cm
- Biggest Male Snapper: Craig Watson, More Ales Than Scales, 76cm
- Biggest Male Jewfish: Mike Martin, Fireflies, 132cm
- Biggest Male Saratoga: Kaleb Huddlesen, Wedgetail, 68cm
- Biggest Female Barra: Sandra Jaeschke, Secret Spot, 81cm
- Biggest Female Snapper: Jackey Davis, Alcoholics Who Fish, 70cm
- Biggest Female Jewfish: Kirrah Codrington, Raysea marine, 127cm
- Biggest Female Saratoga: Karlee Rotumah, O.M.C (One More Cast), 62 cm
- Biggest Junior Barra: Matt Rawlinson Jnr, South Alligator, 76cm
- Biggest Junior Snapper: Matt Bolitho, Bar Crusher, 68cm
- Biggest Junior Jewfish: Lily Bolitho, Bar Crusher, 114cm
- Biggest Junior Saratoga: Matt Rawlinson Jnr, South Alligator, 64cm
- Champion Team Barra Only – Wedgetail (Lachlan Eddy & Kaleb Huddlesen)
- Champion Team Bluewater – Beau Cartledge, Kristy-May Tisdell, Shay Whittaker, Treen Bangay
- Champion Barra went to Sean Fagan with his 90cm barra