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Creating stronger communities through sport

11 July 2019

Charlie King with the ‘No More’ Campaign was in Maningrida on Tuesday, 18 June and he brought Deola D'Brown, a basketball player who runs FIBA 3x3 competitions, much to the delight of the community.
Around 100 young people participated with two games running at a time and 5 minute rounds playing 3x3. 
Before the event kicked off, Charlie talked with the young people about violence in sports and the importance of putting this to an end.
The under 12s got into teams and played against each other. In the end, team Buffaloes won, with the prize being a basketball outfit which they were extremely happy about. 
Buffaloes were a team of eight-year-old girls and they 
killed it!
The teenagers also had a great time and Deola gave the older boys a chance to verse him one on one - this was their favourite part of the night. 
They played first to five, and they were able to see the skills it requires to play at a professional level. One of the young people, Tim, was able to get one goal on Deola. 
West Arnhem Regional Council Youth, Sport and Recreation Officer Stephanie worked hard cooking up a big healthy barbecue for the kids. This included chicken and capsicum skewers and burgers with tomato and lettuce which is part of their aim to provide young people with a nutritious meal when they are being active.
Many of the young people in Maningrida said they really enjoyed this event and they'd love to see Charlie and Deola back in Maningrida again. The event was supported by WARC.