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Exercise 'Crocodile Strike' in Warruwi

25 August 2017

It has been a busy yet exciting week in Warruwi with the unfolding of Exercise ‘Crocodile Strike’ – featuring Australian Army and American MRF-D Marines and the local NORFORCE team.
Arriving on a RAAF Hercules airplane and an Osprey earlier in the week, 93 Australian Army and American MRF-D Marines personnel are a part of the combined training and community development program called ‘Exercise Crocodile Strike’.
During the week, the Australian Army and American MRF-D Marines and the local NORFORCE team came together with Warruwi senior Traditional Owner and local Elder Jenny Inmulugulu, who officially welcomed them to the community.
Jenny welcomed everyone and thanked them for the work they are undertaking and the mutual sharing of training and knowledge with the local people.
Among the projects is work to the inside and outside of the Women’s Centre building which they are refurbishing, and putting a fence up for an outdoor work area for the ladies to cook or strip and boil pandanus etcetera, with the local CDP participants and building team.
They have also set up a desalinator pump, and are pumping saltwater direct from the sea and turning it into pure and drinkable water.
The visitors have also joined the local CDP participants, employees and residents for cultural activities such as bush trips, making didgeridoos, and sharing of knowledge, stories, culture and art.