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Gunbalanya Community School celebrates students' achievements

31 January 2019

Gunbalanya Community School celebrated the achievements of their students with a special ceremony on January 17. 
There were many special guests, family, friends and community members who attended to celebrate the accomplishments of three school-leavers including Aieyesha Anderson, Jayden Wurrkgidj and Kevin Srdinsek.
Jayden Wurrkgidj is the first of his family to receive his NTCET. He has been instrumental in delivering ceremonies for Welcome to Country and smoking ceremonies with the help of two of his peers. 
He was also a representative for the school and community in Melbourne at the Grow Hope Foundation Gala dinner.
Jayden aspires to work in the community for Sport and Recreation and has picked up a traineeship working with Page McMillan from West Arnhem Regional Council.
Gunbalanya Community School would like to wish him well on his new adventures.
Kevin returned to school this year with the goal of achieving credits towards gaining an NTCET. He has achieved this through perseverance and commitment. Kevin is the eldest in his family to graduate from High School. 
Not only did Kevin work part-time in class, but he also held steady employment 
at the clinic.
Kevin looked at many different pathways during his time at school and has decided to venture beyond the crossing to take up employment 
in Katherine.
The school would like to wish Kevin well during his post-school life.
Aieyesha completed her work experience this year at the Children’s and Family Centre working in the FaFT room. 
She became independent in being able to get herself from home to her workplace.
Aieyesha has been an active member in the Daluk program at secondary and participated in class activities with Nawaran. Aieyesha can light up a room with her beautiful smile. The school would like to take this time and wish her well on her new adventures.