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Gunbalanya youth get creative

23 February 2018

The Gunbalanya Youth Centre’s newly decked out media hub was put to great use last week with Syd Row of Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) arriving in the community to deliver a week of media workshops.
During the week, the young people were able to learn photography skills as they went around the community capturing beautiful spots in Gunbalanya.
Along the way, they gained filmmaking skills from script to story board, editing and getting to the final cut as well as positive use of social media. 
A highlight for the group was putting the drone into flight-mode up over the billabong to capture some great bird’s eye view shots. 
The media workshops not only happened for young people at the youth centre, but workshops for staff also took place to upskill the youth workers who can continue the creativity around media in future programs and activities.
Syd and the youth workers also visited the secondary school to do workshops.

This helped to not only upskill and teach media skills, but also to build the relationship with that specific youth age group and introduce them to the new media resources which are available at the youth centre. 
Youth, Sport and Recreation Assistant Kamahl said, "I enjoyed doing the media workshops. I learnt how to create short films and now I can teach the kids that missed out". 
Youth, Sport and Recreation Assistant Kevin agreed saying, "I really enjoyed the media workshops - it was good for the kids to learn something new". 
The media hub has become the most popular part of the youth centre with visiting youth asking, "Can I play computer” and “Can I play the iPad?" each afternoon. 

Small videos and all photography by the young people during the media workshops will be posted on the Gunbalanya Youth, Sport and Recreation Facebook page to showcase their talent. 
Also, stay tuned for the ‘behind the scenes’ media week short video which will be up on the Facebook page next week.