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Important training for frontline staff

12 June 2020

The Red Lily Health team staff were fortunate enough to be invited to an instructed course relating to correct ‘donning and doffing’ procedures.
Donning and doffing is the practice of employees putting on and removing work-related protective gear, clothing, and uniforms. Donning refers to putting on work clothes, gear, and equipment, while doffing means removing them. Businesses that typically require specific attire for workers have employees who don and doff.
In a clinical setting, correct donning and doffing is extremely important to stop the spread of and protect the wearer and the patient from infectious diseases. With the Red Lily team being on the frontline, it was an important course to partake in, especially with COVID-19 and additional concerns.
All the staff who attended were very engaged and proficient in their training and received certificates on completion.