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Landmark book on Kakadu bush tucker and medicine

25 May 2018

A landmark book to be released July 2018 is the culmination of decades of work describing the bush tucker and bush medicine of the World Heritage–listed Kakadu National Park, one of Australian’s best known tourist destinations. 
It is one of the most comprehensive book ever published on Kakadu National Park’s bush tucker and medicine.
The authors and Kundjeyhmi people have worked closely to photograph and describe 149 plant species: from the toffee-like gum of river wattle to sweet an-badju yams sought by singing children. Each plant’s description includes: Kundjeyhmi, scientific and English common names; plant uses; plant preparation; and its cultural significance.
 The information is presented in simple, easy-to-read language, accompanied by over 500 spectacular photographs. 
Over 60,000 years, the Kundjeyhmi people of Kakadu have gained an intimate knowledge of the area’s plant foods. An-me Arri-ngun: The Food We Eat will fascinate all those interested in Aboriginal life and culture, bush tucker, bush medicine, and Australian flora.
The book is published by Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation and is currently available for purchase via the Marrawuddi Gallery online store.