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Life saving messages reinforced to Jabiru community

16 April 2019

Jabiru school students recently participated in the ‘Enough is Enough’ MACC road safety discussion and presentation with Arnhem Land Community Engagement Police Officer (CEPO) Paul Keightley and Clontarf staff.
The consequences of drink driving and not wearing a seat belt in particular were reinforced to students. Discussions with the students also revolved around important messaging to ‘always do the right thing’, ‘never drink drive and always wear a seat belt’, and ‘not speeding’. 
Jabiru Police have also placed a large ‘Enough is Enough’ banner in Jabiru and it is a highly-visible reminder to never drink drive. 
Over the past couple of years in Arnhem Land communities, the Car Seats for Kids program (Booster seats and baby capsules supplied and fitted), and the Enough is Enough campaign, has provided a lot of education and support for everyone to understand the importance of road safety.   
By not drink driving, always wearing a seat belt, and driving safely to the conditions, individuals can keep themselves, families and other road users safe.    
Another important message was to never ride on a roof rack anywhere - this is very dangerous.  
Students also participated in a cyber-safety ‘Think U Know’ presentation. Staying safe, and being respectful online, understanding the digital footprint or shadow we leave online and how this can impact your future job opportunities, were also discussed.     
As a link between online safety and road safety, the dangers of also using a mobile phone whilst driving a vehicle were discussed. 
Never use a mobile phone while you are driving, it is very dangerous, and also illegal.    
Jabiru clinic staff also participated in a ‘Think U know’ cyber safety presentation last week and there are plans for more cyber safety education in Jabiru, and remote communities this coming dry season.  
So please stay safe online, and check out the attached links regarding being safe online. Please also stay safe on the roads.     
Usefuly links:
- ‘Think U Know’ website: 
- Australian cyber safety: