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Mamukala Recycled Arts

06 October 2017

What began as an idea to benefit the environment, has transpired into a lifelong project which involves refurbishing used items into incredible works of art.
Long-term resident of Mamukula Joe Maniyinbulan is teaching himself to transform, what were discarded tyres from the landfill, into amazing and practical art pieces.
Inspired by ideas which he gathers from the internet, Joe has been researching and teaching himself ways to build pieces from recycled goods - from chairs to pot plants in all shapes, styles and sizes, a wishing well and much more - all out of tyres from the tip.
Mamukala Recycled Arts has come together over the last two months, and is something which Joe does at his own pace as he teaches himself the techniques, including weaving, painting and assembling different pieces. 
As Joe learns, he also gets ideas for other handmade items, and has started creating personalised chairs which are painted in your favourite football team colours, and even handmade thongs which are made from tyres off a quad bike. 
He works at night when it is cooler and has sparked an interest with five others at Mamukala who watch and get involved in the construction and planning.
The project has huge potential to grow, as it encompasses positive benefits for the community, environment, education and social aspects - all of which are important to the local community.
It also brings people together for a common purpose and spreads the message of recycling through beautiful artwork.
The abundance of tyres he has collected have come from the landfill, and thanks to Dave at BP he will have access to more. Joe has also put together a ‘wish list’ of items and tools which he needs to continue his craft.
Community members can help Joe by purchasing his crafts and this can be done by placing an order at the Northern Land Council office in Jabiru.