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Maningrida enjoys film night under the stars

12 September 2019

Maningrida were treated to an exciting visit from the NT Travelling Film Festival recently which saw around 150 community members come together for the night.
To celebrate the occasion, the Maningrida kids spent time creating tea candles in jars prior to their visit, and also decorated some banners to welcome Maningrida and the Maningrida films, which were tied up on the fence.
Six young people in the community also spoke on the night to welcome the community and introduce the event, which included three Maningrida films being screened in front of the great audience.
Babbarra Women's Centre’s film Jarracharra was played and this was about their exhibition in France as well as one which was about the winds that travel across this land to indicate it's dry season and time to move across this country. 
Another film shown involved the 2018 Maningrida College graduates on their schooling journey and the dedication and hard work it took them to graduate year 12. And, finally one featured Maningrida's young people explaining why they love Maningrida which was certainly a hit to watch. 
Short films from all over the NT were also shown throughout the evening.
Northern Territory Travelling Film Festival showcases the outstanding short film, television and video productions from the NT, capturing the stories, culture and landscape of our iconic region and the people that call it home. 
It is always a popular event when they visit West Arnhem communities.