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Maningrida tackles waste management

04 October 2017

More than 500 wheelie bins have been distributed throughout Maningrida recently, in a positive effort to clean up the community.
The Maningrida Local Authority approved the expenditure of funds for the Bin Stand Project in Maningrida, which saw West Arnhem Regional Council installing 550 bin stands to all residential and business premises throughout the community.
Addressing the problem of bins being knocked over by animals in the community, the welded bin stands are stable and secure so there is now less rubbish on the ground – giving a much more pleasing aspect to the community.
All bins have also been marked with specific lot numbers and feature ‘Put your rubbish in the bin’ stickers.
The project was completed in nine months, including manufacturing and installation, thanks to the hard work of the Maningrida works team which are continuing to do tremendous work throughout the community.

The bin stands are already well utilised and community members are satisfied with the results, with more rubbish going into the bins and extra rubbish runs occurring to keep up with demand.
Maningrida is also in the 2017 Territory Tidy Towns program and has been very active within the two categories of ‘Litter Control’ and ‘Community Participation’. 
West Arnhem Regional Council Services Manager John Thomas said the bin stands are critical to the ongoing tidy towns program, and it links in with everything, including upgrades at the waste facility, recycling, beautification etcetera. 
The Maningrida WARC team are continually working hard towards an integrated approach to waste and community management.