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Maningrida's bumper school holiday program

21 May 2019

The recent school holiday program was certainly one the Maningrida community will remember for a long time.
The first day saw the youth collecting foods from the sea as the Youth, Sport and Recreation (YSR) team and RSAS went out with a bunch of kids to Pride Rock. The girls collected army crabs and sea snails while the boys focused on catching fish and prawns with the lines and throw net. Everything was then cooked up over the fire and enjoyed by all.
The YSR team also ran the regular basketball competition with tunes pumping and some heated games. There’s always a good atmosphere down at the courts. 
The holidays also included Youth Week activities at Aged Care. The YSR team and RSAS had cupcake decorating, egg painting and colouring in recognition of Northern Territory Youth Week ‘Living in Colour’ and Easter. 
The kids loved these activities as they were able to get messy and make something tasty. They were all very proud of their artwork and left their colourings with Aged Care to help them decorate their Easter Lunch.
The team also hosted a disco at the basketball courts to celebrate the holidays. There was some epic dance moves as the boys and girls battled it off to their favourite songs. They also enjoyed a sausage sizzle to help keep up their energy.
Day three saw the Maningrida youth fishing at the jetty, and there was a great attendance by the boys who loved fishing out on the rocks. 
The group also had RSAS worker Elvis demonstrate how they can use the spear to target fish. The women from YSR and RSAS made up a fire to cook what was collected.
Maningrida youth were also able to join the YSR team and Damian from AFLNT for a colour run football game. 
Many boys came down to play which made the girls hesitant to get out on the field. However, the girls joined by throwing of the coloured powder as the boys ran past on the field.
Day four saw the youth spear carving and making slime down at Aged Care with Elvis from RSAS demonstrating the techniques of creating the perfect spear. 
Aged Care has been a favourite location for the kids to enjoy school holidays and partake in different activities. 
Finally, there was a special addition to the popular pool party was an Easter egg hunt for Easter. 
This was a joyous activity for little and big kids.