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MEDIA RELEASE - New strategic direction built on voice of the community

08 June 2022

West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) will commence the new 2022-23 financial year with a new strategic vision and focus for the organisation for the year ahead.

This has been a two year undertaking for Council following an exciting refresh of the organisational 'Vision, Purpose and Values' in 2020, and has now further embedded this new focus into the 2022-23 Regional Plan.

In order to truly reflect local needs, the organisation has undertaken its most comprehensive consultation in Council’s 14 year history, and has established a strong strategic direction and service delivery plan which truly embodies the new vision and contributes to the purpose of ‘strong communities’.

The all-inclusive process of consultation has taken into account the wishes of Elected Members and Local Authorities, while listening to the voices on the ground in all West Arnhem communities.

West Arnhem Regional Council Mayor Matthew Ryan said Council is proud to present a plan “built on the voice of the community”.

As a result, six key themes emerged during the consultation process which have been transformed into six foundational pillars upon which Council’s strategic direction for 2022-23 is supported. 

These pillars are:
• Partnerships, Relationships and Belonging
• Increased Local Indigenous Employment
• Safety and Wellbeing
• Service Delivery and Built Environment
• Sustainability and Climate Action
• Foundations of Governance

“These new pillars has been strongly driven by community aspirations and put local needs first,” Mayor Ryan said.

In what is a first for Council, Elected Members, Local Authorities and staff provided a clear and unified voice for one of the new pillars which includes a focus on sustainability and climate action.

“From the words of our people, a strong future for West Arnhem needs sustainable practices, increased service delivery and local jobs for local people, and this is what we will do.”

West Arnhem Regional Council formally adopted the 2022-23 Regional Plan and Budget at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday, 8 June 2022.
This document can be viewed here: 


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