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New activity location creates opportunities for Maningrida youth

13 March 2019

Maningrida Youth, Sport and Recreation held their first activity in New Sub on March 12 while Volleyball NT were in the community. 
To make the event possible, Volleyball NT brought down a net and volleyballs and ran a game in the New Sub park.
New Sub is an area of housing in Maningrida that is quite removed from the rest of the community. 
Geographically it is located on the far side of the airstrip and is approximately three kilometres from the main services in Maningrida. 
The location and distance of New Sub from main services can be a barrier for Maningrida’s youth to access Youth, Sport and Recreation activities regularly. 
It can also add risks when having to walk the distance back home at night.
The positive feedback which the Youth, Sport and Recreation team received following this first activity in the New Sub was overwhelming. 
Traditional Owners welcomed the idea with open arms and thanked the team for bringing activities to the youth in New Sub. 
The Participants also said they really liked having an activity close to their home and told the team that they would like to have more activities delivered in New Sub. 
The Maningrida Youth, Sport and Recreation will continue to run activities and slowly increase the amount of programs delivered in New Sub over the year.