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NT Emergency Service team visits Warruwi

01 September 2023

On 16th and 17th of September, staff from the NTES (State Emergency Service) visited Warruwi to continue with the feasibility of re-establishing a NTES unit on South Goulburn Island. Over 20 staff and locals took part over the days with a number wanting to sign up to join the volunteer fire and rescue service. 
While here, staff from West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC), NTES, Warruwi School and Mardbalk Rangers took part in actual fire events, equipment/water trailer handling and usage, and controlled fire lighting, blacking out and back burning in day and night conditions.   
WARC Council Services Manager Matt Griffiths said, “The past few days with having the rangers, NTES and our staff and community working together shows how much we can achieve working together in a far shorter time. By combining the cultural and traditional methods, along with mechanical and water based firefighting and prevention, we were able to achieve a number of fire reduction burns safely and protect Warruwi into the near future. Watching the NTES and Rangers working together, with WARC staff was an amazing cultural and learning journey, especially for me.”
“It develops the communities to continue moving forward with “walking in two worlds” which we do so well in Warruwi.”
It is important to note that fires on South Goulburn must be approved by Traditional Owners and/or Rangers.  Recent fires have put the township at risk.  Signage is being put up to remind community and visitors of the requirements. 
A NTES division is expected to be operational by 2024.