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PUBLIC NOTICE - Responsible dog ownership in Jabiru

09 July 2019

West Arnhem Regional Council wishes to remind Jabiru residents that it is the Council’s responsibility to manage all domestic dogs within the township.

In accordance with the Jabiru Town Development (Control of Dogs) By-Laws, all domestic dogs must be registered with the Council and kept under control at all times. 

We encourage all residents to do the right thing in the community by ensuring your fencing is suitable for your pet and taking the time to register your dog (registrations for 2019-20 are now due). 

To ensure the safety of community members and the wellbeing of domestic dogs in Jabiru, Council will continue to collect unrestrained and nuisance animals.

To find out more information or to register your dog for the 2019-20 period, please visit the West Arnhem Regional Council office in Jabiru or call 8979 9444. 
Registration forms are also available online here.