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Rain falls across the region

07 February 2018

West Arnhem communities have seen some heavy rainfall over the past few weeks with a monsoon sweeping over the Top End.
The deluge not only got the waterfalls flowing in Kakadu, it also caused a number of road closures, localised flooding and interruptions to mail service and truck deliveries throughout the communities.
As of  2pm Friday, February 9, the Arnhem Highway was opened with some vehicle restrictions in place and the Kakadu Highway was still accessible (
According to local sources, the last time the Arnhem Highway was closed for that long was back in 2006 following Cyclone Monica and then again in March 2007 after a big downpour. 
If you can remember another instance it was closed for this period of time, please feel free to let us know on 8979 9444 or
West Arnhem residents are  reminded not to drive into flooded waters and are encouraged to keep up-to-date on local road accessibility by visiting and 
The recent rainfall which has filled the rivers and creeks has also got the fish moving and a great number of fishermen are hitting up the usual spots around the region.
There have also been a number of crocodile sightings over the last few weeks, particularly close to the sides of the road, and Kakadu National Park is once again urging everyone to be cautious around all waterways.
The message is clear - be crocwise. 
During the wet season, saltwater crocodiles can move large distances in search of new territories as smaller crocodiles are often forced out of their homes by dominant male crocodiles. 
They may also be seeking temporary respite from larger crocodiles or looking for a feed of fish that congregate in roadside culverts. 
These animals are likely to be very aggressive, and an attack can lead to death.
If you are out on a boat, you must stay vigilant – don’t clean fish near the water’s edge or from your boat, don’t reach into the water for your fish and be careful when launching or retrieving boats. 
All residents and visitors are reminded to expect the unexpected, keep away from the water’s edge and don’t become complacent. Remember in any body of water in the Northern Territory, crocodiles are probably present.