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Recordings from the Bible in kunwinjku

08 October 2021

People at Emmanuel Church are recording Mark's Gospel and the Book of Titus this month. This is the first time whole books of the Bible will be recorded in a traditional language in West Arnhem Land. In the past only bits and pieces of books were recorded.
Reverend Lois Nadjamerrek (Ngalngarridj Ngalmok) is reading Mark's Gospel, which tells the story of the life of Jesus. So far she has read and recorded 6 chapters, with another 10 still to go.  Jill Nganjmirra (Ngalwakadj Ngalbularlhdja) has begun reading and recording the Book of Titus (sometimes called the Epistle of Paul to Titus). That book is about how Christians can live every day with their faith.
Nakamarrang Matt Pearson is recording Lois and Jill, and later he will put the audio on some small solar-powered Megavoice mp3 players for families to use when they listen at home to the Bible in Kunwinjku.
Reverend Lois said, "We feel good about it, because we know that when kids and adults listen to our voices, it will help them read our Father's words. We want to do a lot more reading. "