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Regular activities keep Minjilang youth busy

15 March 2019

This month the Minjilang Youth, Sport and Recreation team have been preparing meals with the children as part of home economics taking place twice a week. 
During the first week, the youth, with the assistance of the staff, made pizzas which they shared with their peers. 
The second week, the youth prepared lasagne for each other and the children are continuing to make frozen cups to keep cool while the humidity is high. 
On the weekends and occasionally during the week, basketball has also been taking place. 
Discos have also been held regularly to go along with barbecues and other indoor activities which the youth enjoy during the weekend. 
The team have also been running activities outside on the front lawn in the evenings when it is cooler. 
Some of the games which have been taking place are; skipping which is popular with the very young children and a game with the hula-hoops which involves the youth lining up on either in opposite teams and they have to make it to the other side as fast as possible. 
They also meet up to battle it out with using rock, paper, scissor with the winner continuing on and the loser heading back to their line.