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27 April 2022

We wish to advise all business and residents that all residential roads in Jabiru will be closed from 6.30am to 9.00am, Saturday, 14 May 2022.

If you need to travel during the morning, please ensure you leave BEFORE 6.30am or plan to leave AFTER 9.00am to get to your destination. These closures will be enforced by road marshals and road barriers.

Reopening of roads and carparks is anticipated to occur at times provided above, however it could be earlier or later depending on the last participant finishing. The Jabiru Swimming Pool Carpark will remain closed until 11.00am.
The following carparks will be closed to all vehicles from 6.30am to 9.00am on Saturday, 14 May:
• Jabiru Swimming Pool carpark 
• Magela Oval carpark, Kinchela Road
• Brockman Oval carpark, Kinchela Road
• Arnhem Oval carpark, Waterhouse Road
• Jabiru Area School carpark, Waterhouse Road
• Lake Jabiru carpark, Civic Drive 
• Ranger Mine Mess
Carparking for the event
Participants and spectators are encouraged to walk to the Jabiru Swimming Pool for the event. Alternatively, the carparks at the Jabiru Town Plaza will remain open and you can park here however you will need to arrive BEFORE 6.30am.
Emergency number
The emergency contact number for the event is 0437 293 014. This number can be used if you require urgent access to roads or carparks between 6.30am and 9.00am on the day of the event. For all other emergencies ring 000.
Community feedback line
If you require any further information or have feedback on the above road closure for the Coordinating Committee, please call Kailah Williams on 0437 293 014 or (08) 8979 9444.
These road closures are a small but essential measure to ensure the race is enjoyable for spectators and safe for participants