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Volleyball reinvigorated in Maningrida

18 April 2019

Although Volleyball has a long history in Maningrida, in recent years the sport has remained dormant. The opportunity to reignite the volleyball spark and practice digs and spades came in March with a visit from Volleyball NT. 
Over ten days, people from as young as four to as elderly as 80 took part in daily workshops around town. Sessions took place at Maningrida College, Aged Care, New Sub, Town Hall, the pool and the community basketball courts. A big balloon was used to play the sport with elderly residents of Aged Care, which was not only a lot of fun but also supported their mobility and stretching. The pool offered an extra degree of intensity due to the water factor and also meant a whole bunch of swims and splashes. 
A new venue of New Sub was trialled during these workshop. With high levels of participation, they learned the importance of offering activities to residents of this area – who often miss out due to the long walk to central Maningrida. Moving forward, the team will continue to find ways to increase participation and accessibility for residents of New Sub. 
The fortnight concluded with a final competition on Thursday, 14 March with around 80 attending. 
The instant popularity of volleyball and the natural ability of those who participated tell us we may be in for a volleyball revival – so stay tuned.
Big thanks to Volleyball NT and all those service providers who provided support.