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Warruwi Creche celebrates Australia Day

31 January 2019

The Warruwi Crèche recently enjoyed an Australia Day celebration with the centre staff and clients joining in the activities throughout the day.
Miriam was creative and made herself a necklace using lovely beads and Frank told Community Care staff a story about Australia Day celebration in the community when they were young. 

The Warruwi Creche children also enjoyed playing together and the mothers and children shared a lovely morning tea.           
Meanwhile, Relma from the Warruwi Creche presented two of the students with graduation certificates. 
Agnes will be starting at the Warruwi Community School as a pre-school student with the Geckos class but will join them later in the day when pre-schoolers get dropped off at the Creche. 
Renfred will also be starting in the Dolphins class at Warruwi School as a Transition student. We wish them all the best for their future.
To finish the celebration, the Community Care clients enjoyed lunch together with the Community Care staff.