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Warruwi takes part in road safety campaign

25 October 2018

Northern Territory Police held an ‘Enough’s Enough’ workshop regarding road safety with the Warruwi CDP Garden participants and Yagbani Aboriginal Corporation employees recently.
During the workshop, many important messages and videos were shown including drink driving and the effects it has on the community, a seatbelt road safety presentation and a discussion on the dangers of riding on the back of utes and roof racks.
Warruwi school students also were very involved in the same road safety discussion, and all participants approved of the tin enamel mugs that have the seat belt and drink driving messaging on them. Everyone who attended received a mug with the ‘Enough’s Enough’ campaign messages, and it is hoped the enamel ‘Enough’s Enough’ tin mugs will promote family discussions about road safety. 
‘Seat belts do save lives, and drink driving kills.’    
The workshop was held at the Mardbalk Arts Centre and Paul wished to thank Steve and Brenda and Geoffrey for their assistance.    
MACC drives the ‘Enough’s Enough‘ campaign, and this has just received an Australia-wide road safety initiative award.   
‘Enough's Enough’ was launched in December 2016 to tackle the problem of drink driving in both urban areas and the bush.