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West Arnhem Regional Council hosts Northern Territory Management Challenge

23 March 2018

West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) was the proud host Council of the 2018 Northern Territory Local Government Management Challenge taking place on Wednesday, 21 March in Jabiru.
Five teams from Councils throughout the Northern Territory, including City of Darwin, City of Palmerston, Alice Springs Town Council, MacDonnell Regional Council as well as West Arnhem Regional Council, participated in the event. 
The Challenge involves teams of five or six members from local government undertaking tasks which represent management in the local government environment. 
The teams were presented with challenges and had to work together to overcome them by creating management plans for the issues.
Challenges involved scenarios including a role play interview, an analysis of figures, HR scenarios, creating reports on a proposed retail and distribution hub and the increase in employment it might bring to the community.
It also involved creating a risk analysis and action plan following the break and enter of a recycling centre and the fire that followed, a presentation on the IT challenges and opportunities West Arnhem is facing moving into the future, and many more.
There were 11 challenges in total throughout the day; some counted and some didn’t but teams didn’t know which were which.
The team was constantly hit with additional challenges and obscurities designed to make the team implode; the removal of team members at crucial times, the constant shortening of deadlines, the removal of equipment they planned to use, and additional tasks when they were already stretched to the limit.
West Arnhem Regional Council Grants and Contracts Coordinator Brooke Darmanin said, “It was an incredible experience and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate."
“We had a wonderful team and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them throughout the day on the many challenges presented. I am looking forward to next year’s challenge!” 
The West Arnhem Regional Council did an exceptional job, working as a team and remaining calm during the tasks. 
Though the City of Darwin took the win this year, West Arnhem is already looking forward to taking part in the challenge next year.
West Arnhem Regional Council Chief Executive Officer Brian Hylands said it was a pleasure to host the Northern Territory Local Government Management Challenge in 2018 and hoped all those who participated enjoyed their time in Jabiru.
The Australasian  Management Challenge is held across all of Australia and New Zealand.