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MEDIA RELEASE - Upgrades to Gunbalanya Airport Access Road ensures community safety

07 September 2018

Upgrades to improve the Gunbalanya Airport Access Road are set to commence in October, and completed prior to the onset of the wet season.
Thanks to the support for the Northern Territory Government’s Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP), West Arnhem Regional Council are able to carry out vital upgrades to Gunbalanya Airport Access Road - which is the only access to the  community during the wet season.
With the main road link out of Gunbalanya closing each wet season, the tarmac airstrip is a life blood to the community who require access in and out as well as crucial supplies to be flown in.
The project called ‘Safe Passage Access and Evacuation’, will ensure access to the airport is available all-year-round for the 1116 residents as well as those who live in outstations and homelands around the Gunbalanya community.
What this will mean for the community is that important provisions such as food and medical supplies can be delivered to the community and workers such as medical staff, teachers and police can visit by air throughout the wet season.
Most importantly, this will mean the Gunbalanya community members have access to the airport in an emergency situation like evacuation of the town in the case of natural disaster or pandemic. 
The total of the funding is $72,729 ex. GST and West Arnhem Regional Council wishes to thank the NDRP for the support to carry out these vital works.