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Supporting the Woleh Woleh program

15 March 2024

Gunbalanya stakeholders including Clontarf, TeamHEALTH and West Arnhem Regional Council’s Youth Sport and Recreation team have been supporting the Gunbalanya School’s Woleh Woleh program.
The purpose of the Woleh Woleh program is to provide meaningful afternoon activities and hobbies for students and families to participate in, particularly during the wet season. 
It also promotes health and wellbeing, social interaction and students are able to improve their sporting skills and knowledge.
The Youth Sport and Recreation team have been supporting the school’s Woleh Woleh program on Mondays and Thursdays. 
On Mondays, they support fast short basketball games on the school basketball courts and on Thursdays the group participates in AFL games, with the aim of running three separate modified games of AFL.
This allows older mob, younger mob and females the chance to shine in their respective games. 
It is great to see youth volunteers operating scoreboards and helping set up and pack up.