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Supporting emerging leaders in West Arnhem Communities

20 May 2024

Gunbalanya’s newest youth sport and recreation star recruit at West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) Stella Dirdi was handpicked by Youth Leadership Summit organiser Amanda Marshall-Bell to assist with the West Arnhem Youth leadership forum held recently in Jabiru. Stella attended the first one as a year 12 student in 2023 and attended this one as a WARC Sport and Recreation staff to assist in all aspects of the leadership Summit for professional development and to support the next cohort of young leaders.
Activities were designed to support students showing leadership and courage. Stella and the youth had to get out of their comfort zone as she led group activities and students and Stella spoke in front of a crowd. 
Students from each community spoke about what they would like to change about their community both negatives and positives.
Stella said, “I learnt about running the leadership camp, helped setting up and organising all the resources for activities, run the games, talked to students and teachers. I loved being the DJ by changing music from the different activities.” 
Discos were one activity youth wanted more of in community so Stella can utilise her DJ skills to enact one of the youth’s recommendations!
Now that the summit has wrapped up Stella and other youth can use their skills and voice to drive positive outcomes for community. 
Well done to all involved.