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Core Services

Core services are at the heart of West Arnhem Regional Council’s business. Many of these services relate to the day-to-day, essential activities the Regional Council provides in our towns and communities, including road works, maintaining parks and gardens, and waste management.

In line with its policy of good governance and as part of the administration of its local government services, the Regional Council ensures it delivers on the goals and meets the performance objectives outlined in its annual Regional Plan and Budget.

Alongside its governance and executive leadership responsibilities, the Regional Council plays a leading role in supporting civic and community events, including Australia Day Awards, Anzac Day commemorations, and Australian Citizenship ceremonies.

Generally, core services are delivered across all communities, with a few exceptions, which are noted against the relevant activity listed below.

Community Engagement in Local Government:          
Support Civic and Community Events          
Public Relations and Communication          
Publishing West Arnhem Newsletter The Wire          
Community Service Delivery          
Manage Council Governance          
Manage Local Authorities          
Executive Leadership Chief Executive          
Local Government Administration:          
Corporate Financial Management          
Manage Rates and Charges          
Manage Council Investments          
Manage Human Resources          
Manage Occupational Health and Safety          
Manage Assets          
Records Management          
Manage Corporate Risk          
Executive Leadership Corporate and Community          
Manage Information Technology and Communication          
Local Infrastructure:          
Maintenance and Upgrade of Parks and Public Open Spaces, including Weed Control          
Maintain and Construct Council-Controlled Buildings and Facilities          
Maintain Staff Houses          
Operate and Maintain Swimming Pools          
Install and Maintain Street Lights          
Maintain Local Roads          
Operate Storage Fuel Facility          
Fleet – Stock Control          
Maintain Plant, Equipment and Motor Vehicles          
Executive Leadership Infrastructure          
Local Environment Health:          
Waste Management          
Sewerage Management          
Companion Animal Control:          
Dog Control          
Local Civic Service:          
Library Service