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Risk Management and Audit Committee

The Risk Management and Audit Committee monitors compliance by Council with proper standards of financial management and with Local Government (Accounting) Regulations. The Audit Committee meets every three months.

The members of the Committee are:

  • Independent Chairperson Carolyn Eagle
  • Mayor Matthew Ryan

  • Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Williams

  • Councillor Gabby Gumurdul

  • Councillor James Woods

  • Councillor Jacqueline Phillips

  • Indepdendent Member Warren Jackson 

Kakadu Advisory Board

The Kakadu Ward advisory Committee was formed in 2023. The Committee’s activities encompass all areas of Kakadu Ward events and operations. Nevertheless, the Committee has no direct authority or responsibility for the activities it monitors. The Committee has no responsibility for developing or implementing procedures or systems, and it does not prepare records or engage in line processing functions or activities. View Terms of Reference.

The members of the Board are:

  • Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Williams
  • Councillor Ralph Blyth
  • Councillor Mickitja Onus
  • Mayor Matthew Ryan

CEO Employment and Remuneration Advisory Panel

The CEO Employment and Remuneration Advisory Panel was created in September 2021 to meet the requirements in clause 6 of Guideline 2: Appointing a CEO 2021. The key objective of the Panel is to provide advice and support to Council regarding CEO employment processes including recruitment, contract of employment, remuneration and performance review.  

The members of the Panel are:

  • Mayor Matthew Ryan
  • Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Williams (proxy member)
  • Councillor Julius Don Kernan
  • Councillor James Marrawal
  • Susan Lindsay (Independent Member)

Finance and Policy Committee and Special Finance Committee

These Committees have been disbanded and the functions are being carried out through the Ordinary Council meeting. This includes reviewing Council’s finances, resources and policies and assessing tender documents.