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West Arnhem Regional Council has two committees: a Finance and Policy Committee, and Audit Committee.

Finance and Policy Committee

The Finance and Policy Committee considers and reviews Council’s finances, resources and policies. It also assesses tender documents. The Finance and Policy Committee meets every month.

Current members:

  • Mayor Matthew Ryan (Chairperson)
  • Deputy Mayor Anna Egerton
  • Cr Elizabeth Williams
  • Cr Karl Srdinsek
  • Cr Philip Wasaga 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee monitors compliance by Council with proper standards of financial management and with Local Government (Accounting) Regulations. The Audit Committee meets every three months.

Current members:

  • Independent Chairperson Iain Summers
  • Mayor Matthew Ryan

  • Cr Elizabeth Williams

  • Cr James Marrawal

  • Deputy Mayor Anna Egerton