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Current Council tenders

West Arnhem Regional Council has introduced electronic tendering. To view and download our current tenders and expressions of interest, please follow the link below:

Suppliers wishing to submit tenders must register through the Tenderlink process. Please ensure submissions are uploaded into the Council’s electronic tender box prior to the prescribed closing time.

Any canvassing of elected members or Council staff in relation to tender contracts shall result in the proposals being automatically disqualified. Council reserves the right to accept or reject any tender.

For tenders over $100,000, notice of the successful tender will be published on the Council’s website.

Cancelled Tenders

Recent successful tenders

In accordance with Section 29 (3) of the Local Government (Accounting) Regulations under the NT Local Government Act, please note the following tenders have recently been approved by Council:

21 May 2024 - Approval of Council (OCM126/2024) 

(24/109/MIN) - Stedman Construction and Engineering: Staff Housing Upgrades - Minjilang, $150,473.20 (inc. GST)

9 April 2024 - Approval of Council (OCM98/2024) 

WESTA 1088239 - City Earthmoving Pty Ltd: Jabiru Civil and Roads Maintenance, Schedule of Rates

12 January 2024 - Approval of CEO 

WESTA 1075894 23/106/WAR - Stedman Construction and Engineering: Warruwi Recreation Hall Roof Sheeting Upgrade, $215,635.58 (inc. GST)

15 January 2024, Approval of CEO

WESTA 1075679 23/107/MIN - Stedman Construction and Engineering: Minjilang crèche roof upgrade and internal rectification works, $158,082.16 (inc. GST)

4 December 2023, Approval of CEO

WESTA 1076289 23/10/REG - University of Melbourne: Provision of Veterinary Services in the West Arnhem Region, $192,400.00 (inc. GST)

30 October 2023 - Approval of CEO

WESTA 1068962 23/103/JAB - City Earthmoving Pty Ltd: Jabiru Roadworks, stormwater pipe works and sinkholes repair works Round 2, $1,301,368.64 (inc. GST)

25 October 2023, Approval of CEO

WESTA 1068962 23/102/JAB - ENCABA Group Pty Ltd: Jabiru Sewage and Bore Telemetry System Upgrade, $131,219.00 (inc. GST)

16 October 2023, Approval of CEO

WESTA 1072214 - Developing Indigenous Generations Pty Ltd: Gunbalanya Roadworks and Shoulder Maintenance, $592,843.90 (inc. GST)

20 September 2023, Resolution of Council (OCM145/2023)

WESTA 1068931 - TechnologyOne: ERP Software Replacement, $463,480 (inc. GST)

15 June 2023 - Approval of CEO

WESTA 1048652 23/97/JAB - NTEX Pty Ltd: Jabiru Roadworks, Jabiru Civil and Roads Maintenance, $298,716.27 (inc. GST)

11 October 2022, Approval of CEO

WESTA 22/96/REG - The Ark Animal Hospital: Provision of Veterinary Services in the West Arnhem Region, $171,000.00 (inc. GST)

3 June 2022, Approval of CEO

WESTA 22/94/GUN - Nqpetro: Gunbalanya Supply and Install fuel storage facility, $258,075.00 (inc. GST)

25 March 2022, Approval of CEO

WESTA 21/93/JAB - TB Construction NT: Jabiru Office Extensions and refurbishments, $453,024.74 (inc. GST)

27 October 2021, Approval of CEO

WESTA-991001 - SWAM P/L Aboriginal Community Veterinary Services: Delivery of Community Animal Health Programs, $190,000.00 (inc. GST)

29 September 2021, Approval of CEO

WESTA-984788 - Stedman Constructions: Maningrida construct half basketball court with solid roof structure, $128,824.74 (inc. GST)

3 August 2021, Approval of CEO

21/88/JAB - Hardy Landscaping: Design and Construct Jumping Pillow & Shade Sail at Jabiru Swimming Pool, $142,671.84 (inc. GST)

11 June 2021, Approval of CEO

21/84/JAB - Proper Creative, Jabiru Water Tower Mural Painting, $160,000 (inc. GST)

31 March 2021, Approval of CEO

21/84/MAN - Hardy landscaping Pty Ltd: Design, supply and install hard cover for playground at Maningrida $138,160.28 (inc. GST)

5 May 2021, Approval of CEO

21/83/MAN - JMK: Bagshaw Street Remediation Works at Maningrida $456,500 (inc.GST)

10 February 2021, Approval of CEO

21/82/JAB - Greensafe Shades: Supply and Install Shade Structure, Jabiru Swimming Pool $269,280 (inc.GST)  

8 April 2020, Resolution of Council (OCM97/2020)

WESTA-905875 - DEC Installations P/L: Extension and Refurbishment works at 19 Benison Road, Darwin $105,909.00 (exc. GST)

22 January 2020, Resolution of Council (OCM28/2020)

WESTA-877141 - Hardy Landscaping: Supply and construction of Playground (option 1) with the inclusion of children’s swing set at the negotiated price, Warruwi $200,000 (inc. GST) 

31 October 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM212/2019)

WESTA-886329 - Remote Industries Australia: Construction of Drainage Works Bagshaw Street, Maningrida $480,480.32 (inc. GST)

11 October 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM180/2019)

WESTA-877141 - Scott Hammet Building and Carpentry P/L: Construction of New Roof Structure over Existing Basketball Court, Maningrida $437,144.30 (exc. GST) with an additional amount of $192,144.00 from the reserve account to complete works

12 June 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM109/2019)

WESTA-851014 - WTD Constructions: Construct Half Basketball Court with Solid Roof Structure, Gunbalanya $176,640 (inc. GST) 

9 April 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM63/2019)

WESTA-848875 – Heath Motor Group: Supply of Tilt Tray Truck, Gunbalanya $259,532 (inc. GST)

9 April 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM62/2019)

WESTA-848874 – Komatsu Australia: Supply of Motor Grader, Gunbalanya $401,484 (inc. GST)

9 April 2019, Resolution of Council (OCM64/2019)

WESTA-848870 – Forklift Solutions: Supply of Wheel Loader, Warruwi $214,703 (inc. GST)

20 September 2018, Resolution of Council (OCM162/2018)

WESTA-819749 18/73/GUN Asphalt Company Australia Pty Ltd, Gunbalanya $426,764.15 (inc. GST)

13 June 2018, Resolution of Council (OCM95/2018)

WESTA-806872 18-72-GUN Supply and hire of civil plant - Murganella 
Sherrin Rentals, $217,956.00 (inc. GST)
Coates Hire, $39,426.20 (inc. GST)

HY Hire, $77,880.00 (inc. GST)

9 May 2018, Resolution of Council (OCM81/2018)

WESTA-802745 – RGM Maintenance, Gunbalanya, Maningrida $266,973 (inc. GST)

17 January 2018, Resolution of Council (OCM16/2018)

WESTA-787317 – Airpower: Supply of garbage compactor, Minjilang $167,594 (inc. GST)

8 November 2017, Resolution of Council (OCM203/2017)

WESTA-782940 – Vanderfield: Supply of 70 tonne rated tipper and water cart, Maningrida $304,567 (inc. GST)

15 February 2017 Resolution of Council (OCM41/2017)

WESTA-750696 – Airpower: Supply of garbage compactor, Warruwi $159,375 (inc. GST)

15 February 2017 Resolution of Council (OCM41/2017)

WESTA-750694 – Komatsu: Supply of excavator, Warruwi $82,216 (inc. GST)

18 January 2017 Resolution of Council (OCM20/2017)

WESTA-744968 CORNEA PTY LTD: Supply & Installation 198 Streetlights $173,041 (Inc. GST)

7 December 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM263/2016)

16-WESTA-746349 Ray Laurence Constructions Pty Ltd: Renovations of Existing Warehouse $837,663 (inc GST)

10 August 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM172/2016)

15/56/JAB Warnbi Aboriginal Corporation: Waste Management, Jabiru $430,576 (inc GST)

13 July 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM145/2016)

16-66-MAN Demountable Sales & Hire: Supply and install 2x bedroom demountable, Maningrida $176,650 (inc GST)

13 July 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM146/2016)

WESTA-725613 Hastings Deering: Supply of one waste handling track loader, Gunbalanya $382,360 (inc GST)

13 July 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM147/2016)

WESTA–725758 Bridge Toyota: Supply of two dual cab 4×2 utilities, $63,752 (ex GST)

WESTA–725758 Darwin Isuzu Ute: Supply of two single cab 4×4 utilities, $66,365 (ex GST)

WESTA–725758 Darwin Isuzu Ute: Supply of two dual cab 4×4 utilities, $75,802 (ex GST)

8 June 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM145/2016)

WESTA–721780 GCM Agencies: Supply of Motor Grader, Maningrida $261,800 (inc GST)

9 March 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM51/2016)

16-63-GUN Demountable Sales & Hire: Supply and install 2x bedroom demountable, Gunbalanya $135,280 (inc GST)

9 March 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM53/2016)

WESTA-714462 Central Industries Pty Ltd: Shade Structure and Sail above Community Pool, Maningrida $135,280 (inc GST)

9 March 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM54/2016)

WESTA-714463 Duratec Australia Pty Ltd: Concrete Apron Rectification Work Around Community Pool, Maningrida $135,101 (ex GST)

10 February 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM29/2016)

WESTA-706335 Arnhem Frontier Civil and Construction: Road widening and reseal, Maningrida $1,932,276 (ex GST)

20 January 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM15/2016)

WESTA-705140 Airpower: Three 4×4 dual-cab utes, $113,196 (ex GST)

20 January 2016, Resolution of Council (OCM16/2016)

WESTA-705141 Airpower: Six cubic metre tipper truck, $118,905 (ex GST)

WESTA-705142 Vanderfield: Two long crew cab tipper trucks, $146,598 (ex GST)

WESTA-705143 Vanderfield: Garbage compactor, $221,728 (ex GST)

9 December 2015, Resolution of Council (OCM417/2015)

15/57/JAB Cham Cleaning: Jabiru cleaning services, $329,251 (ex GST)

14 October 2015, Resolution of Council (OCM420/2015)

15/55/JAB West Arnhem Ground Maintenance: Jabiru mowing and slashing, $328,035 (ex GST)

9 September 2015, Resolution of Council (OCM402/2015)

WESTA-691789 GCM Agencies: One motor grader, $228,500 (ex GST)

WESTA-691783 Vanderfield: One crew cab tipper, $75,483 (ex GST)