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Information Statement – Freedom of information


West Arnhem Regional Council makes available documents about many of its functions and operations, including its regional plan and budget, organisational structure, policies, and council and committee minutes and agendas. You can view some of these documents here.

Accessing information

The Northern Territory Information Act also allows people to access and correct certain information under Freedom of Information provisions, including information we hold about you. Some documents are exempt from access to protect essential public interests or the personal or business affairs of others. You have the right to appeal if Council does not give you access to documents you want to see.

Correcting information

You can apply for information about your personal affairs to be changed if you believe it is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date or misleading.

How to make a request

Requests to access or correct information must be made in writing or email.

It must contain enough information to identify and find the information requested.

It must contain an address for information to be sent and instructions on how you wish to view the information. We may ask you to provide proof of identity.

Requests should be made to

Fees for requests

There is no application fee to look at documents about your personal affairs or have them emailed to you. You can ask for copies of these documents for 20c per A4 page. There is an application fee of $30.00 for requests for access to non-personal documents. Searches for large amounts of documents may occur a fee. We will provide you with a quote before any work is undertaken.

What happens after you make a request

If you have provided all the information we need, and paid any fees that are required, we will respond to your request within 30 days. If we are refusing you access we will tell you why, and how you can appeal the decision.