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West Arnhem Regional Council achieves its goals and fulfils its functions through the oversight, coordination, and implementation of good governance. One of the key responsibilities of Council is to ensure Councillors can fulfil their governance obligations. This means ensuring the efficient operation of Council administration, and enhancing representation through Local Authorities, Council Committees and on Council subsidiaries.

Service delivery

West Arnhem Regional Council is responsible for managing and delivering a range of quality services to its communities, such as public parks and recreational facilities, local road maintenance, and waste management.

Planning and monitoring

Elected members set the overall direction for Council through long-term planning. Planning directions, decisions and outcomes are reflected in publications including the annual Regional Plan and Budget, the Annual Report, strategic statements and other strategic plans. Setting the vision, and ensuring this is achieved, is one of the most important aspects of Council’s role.

Policy development

The activities of West Arnhem Regional Council are guided by policies. Developing and implementing these policies are key functions.


West Arnhem Regional Council represents its communities on matters of concern to local residents. It also advocates on behalf of constituents to the Territory and Federal Government, statutory authorities and other sectors.


The objective of good governance is to ensure an effective, efficient and accountable Regional Council, while providing effective communication, consultation and productive partnerships.

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