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Fire safety warning to West Arnhem residents

10 October 2019

Residents and visitors to the region are reminded of the seriousness of carelessly lit fires in the current conditions at this time of year.
The strong gusty winds of Kurrung (hot weather time) have the potential to carry embers for several kilometres. One spark is enough to cause a devastating hot fire that may burn for days, destroying important woodlands habitats and may put people’s lives at risk.
Help us stop wildfires which destroy important habitat and wildlife:
• Bin your butts! Don’t throw out burning cigarettes.
• Be mindful when using power tools or welding equipment
• When going camping, keep an eye on your campfire and refrain from lighting large ‘bonfires’.
• Extinguish your fire and dowse the coals before going to sleep or breaking camp.
• If you witness fires being lit in the park, please report it to Jabiru Police on (08) 8979 2122 or the Bowali Visitor Centre on 
(08) 8938 1120.
For further information regarding fire bans and other fire restrictions contact Bushfires NT on (08) 8922 0844 or visit or