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GREATS Youth Service host huge holiday program with volunteers

07 February 2018

The Maningrida GREATS Youth Service holiday program was jam-packed with a huge variety of activities and events for youth within the community during the festive period. 
GREATS Youth Services were lucky to have four volunteers from Melbourne who came into the program to experience remote Arnhem Land community life. These four university students were not disappointed; coming to one of the most culturally diverse indigenous communities in Australia, with eight different languages spoken within the community of Maningrida. 
Malabam Health Board and the Maningrida School were very supportive in making this happen, giving the volunteers a place to stay and some vouchers for groceries for the duration of their stay.
The program was carefully created by the youth workers to ensure that the volunteers spent as much time in the community with the youths as well as out in the bush and outstations, ensuring that they experience as much of Arnhem Land lifestyle as possible.  
Activities ranged from arts and craft with decorations, painting and drawing, and then into the kitchen for youth girls and boys healthy 
cooking sessions.
They also ventured outdoors for a cultural day, a bush trip, leisure day as well as hunting and visiting country outstations.
There was also an exciting mix of sports at the hall including volleyball, basketball and indoor cricket, plus movie nights, a disco, dance club and Netflix Christmas and family movies. 
GREATS hope that the volunteers had a great time in Maningrida and have come to appreciate the diverse and unique cultures which reside in these communities. They look forward to their next visit.