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Life-saving Purple Truck visits local region

28 September 2018

Production of the new action thriller movie ‘High Ground’ has begun in West Arnhem and Kakadu and there is plenty of excitement from community members surrounding the film as well as the cast members which includes legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson, Simon Baker and Callan Mulvey.
What many may not know, is that while in the local region for filming, Jack will require regular dialysis treatment after being diagnosed with kidney disease earlier this year.
With no dialysis present in Jabiru, Jack will have assistance from Purple House which provides dialysis to patients through a unique mobile dialysis unit called the ‘Purple Truck’ in remote areas.
By sending the Purple Truck to the region, Purple House will not only help the Australian actor be a part of the film, but it will also provide an opportunity for many local Indigenous patients to utilise the Purple Truck and potentially come back home to the region for a month-long visit.
However, providing these dialysis services out bush is expensive and community members are welcome to lend their support to Jack and local Indigenous patients utilising the Purple Truck while in the local area. 
Donations are welcome and if you would like to support this campaign, visit page 
Purple House is an Indigenous run and controlled health service based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and provides the remote dialysis unit that enables patients to head back home for special events, festivals and cultural business.
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The action thriller ‘High Ground’ is set in the early 1930s and reunites director Stephen Johnson and writer Chris Anastassiades, creatives behind award-winning film Yolngu Boy.