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Maningrida community celebrates graduation

11 May 2018

On Tuesday May 1, Maningrida celebrated the NTCET graduation of eight senior secondary students. Jonah Ryan, Martha Brown, Charlene Darcy, Shianne Davis, Zenayha Doolan, Rickisha Redford-Bohme, Normalina Olsen and Dioni Brian worked tirelessly over 13 years to complete all 200 credits necessary to receive a graduation certificate. 
Many students were self-driven to attend school but also had the support of families, peers, teachers and industry mentors such as the Djelk Rangers to encourage them to finish their studies. This was evident at the actual ceremony where hundreds of community members participated in dances that represented each student’s family song line. Additionally, staff and parents could not be prouder when each individual student stood and gave a speech thanking all who helped them on their education journey.
Further to the success of the graduation, at present there are six graduates who are in full time employment; four at Djelk Rangers, one at Intract Housing and one at Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation.
The four Learning on Country participants completed their Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management last year and entered the Djelk Ranger Internship program. 
It is a great indicator of how partnerships between the school and such organisations are important to the success of the students because the students’ completion of VETiS Conservation and Land Management Certificate II and units of the Indigenous Land Management package was a contributing factor in the successful attainment of their Year 12 Certificate.