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Maningrida holiday program focuses on cultural activities

15 January 2019

In the first week of the school holidays in Maningrida, the combined programs continued with RSAS and Maningrida Aged Care.
There were numerous activities on offer and the kids had an amazing time participating in cultural activities lead by RSAS worker Caroline and Youth Sport and Rec Assistant Stephanie. 
There was ‘Money Money’, which is a special type of jewellery making here in Maningrida, clapstick painting, and coconut harvesting. Those involved saw exceptional workers teach the children their valuable knowledge as well as the amazing parents who came along to the activities as well. 
Caroline also was involved in teaching the boys how to hold the knife and how to cut the wood the correct way to make it into a clapstick. 
The kids enjoy their time at the Aged Care Centre and we are excited to see what else sharing this beautiful space will bring.