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New activities introduced to Minjilang holiday program

31 January 2019

The Minjilang Sports and Recreation team have started off the new year by welcoming a new member to the team. 
Minjilang now have three youth sports and recreational officers’ who are actively designing and running programs for the youth. 
The team have been working very hard to come up with innovative ideas for the youth and have introduced a new game this month with the inclusion of volleyball. 
This was a great idea as it is something different to the usual activities and games offered at the youth centre. 
It was also something which the young people thoroughly enjoyed. 
The team have also done an amazing job running activities in the earlier sessions for different age groups and there has been plenty of art and craft work on display these holidays at the youth centre. 
The team have also done well creating a fixture of popular games which the youth enjoy in the evenings including kickball, dodgeball and basketball.  
There have also been a number of barbecues held at the youth sports and recreation hall earlier in the month.