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New adrenalin-seeking sport in Gunbalanya

10 May 2022

The recent school holidays in Gunbalanya were jam-packed with different activities for young people in the community.

There was painting, hunting and gathering objects around town, damper making, tug-of-war battles at the pool, zorb ball battles and the usual favourites including footy and basketball. The youth of Gunbalanya were very busy staying active throughout the holidays.

There was also an art competition where youth were asked to paint about the seasons of Gunbalanya.

There were roughly 15 participants in different aged groups who entered the competition - winners to be announced at a later date!

Great to see all the kids and parents coming in to watch their children paint and create.

The youth of Gunbalanya have were also recently introduced to a new adrenalin fun-filled sport, skateboarding.

The natural talent in Gunbalanya is undeniable and the youth have loved every minute of the skateboarding program with Jack and Monei from ‘Build up skateboarding’.

With all safety gear supplied and the youth given the opportunity to build their own skateboards and decorate them, they were able to shred it up, learning new tricks and working up some courage to go over the ramps that were built.

With a few professionals already in community, Gunbalanya could have a few skateboards stars in the making.

This was a very successful program and the facilitators were very engaged with the kids who all loved every minute of it.