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New sporting activity excites youth in Warruwi

11 July 2019

The Warruwi Youth, Sport and Recreation program assisted the Warruwi School to organise a go-cart race for youth in the community recently. 
This was a very big event and many community members came to show support and assist. 
It was followed by a community barbecue to showcase the end-of-term awards for the children’s outstanding achievements from the school. 
In other exciting news, the Youth, Sport and Recreation program also received a welcomed gift recently including 15 new iPads which will benefit the children in the community.
In order to get the most out of the new equipment, staff have been working with the school to upload educational tools and games onto the iPads which will promote early-learning for the young people. 
The youth have also been getting outdoors, enjoying discos, 
basketball and watching broadcasted football games which has also been well-received by family members as well as the young ones.
There was also an exciting art competition organised for the youth by the school which took place on the last day off the term and the Youth, Sport and Recreation team was also involved in this. 
There is always something exciting happening in Warruwi for the youth.