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Upgrades to Maningrida Council carpark

04 October 2019

West Arnhem Regional Council recently carried out upgrades to the existing Council carpark in Maningrida.
The works, which involved a two coat spray seal, now provide a more suitable pavement for vehicle parking, while making the road surface much safer for pedestrians, general public use and increasing disability access to the local shops, post office etc. 
As well as all of these benefits, the road sealing reduces dust on a great scale and provides all-year-round surface protection from rain.
With West Arnhem Regional Council’s works crew in Maningrida carrying out the works, the project also provided opportunities for staff training in road sealing, applying emulsion out of a high pressure unit and spreading and compacting layers of road aggregate. 
In order to carry out the project, WARC purchased the bitumen spray unit which was used for the car park and landfill site sealing. The emulsion tack coat use is environmentally-friendly which will also benefit the community.