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19 Feb 2015
West Arnhem Regional Council WARC is working with Northern Territory Emergency Services and police to assist in the airlifting residents from the community of Warruwi, after the NT Government took the decision to evacuate the island on Thursday 19 February in the face of Tropical Cyclone Lam.Read more
15 Feb 2015
THEY say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and you only have to look as far as the South Goulburn Oval for the proof. Speaking to The Wire last month, West Arnhem Regional Council Services Manager at Warruwi, Kupa Teao, said the before and after photos showed the dramatic difference a perimeter fence can make.Read more
04 Feb 2015
During a recent visit to Warruwi, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Peter Chandler has said Federal funds should be used to improve run-down, makeshift police stations set up during the 2007 intervention in the NT. Mr Chandler said he was visiting Warruwi to see the infrastructure and policing pressures first-hand.Read more
10 Dec 2014
THE Warruwi Mini Festival very nearly didn’t go as planned on 26 November, what with rain, power cuts, and a box of barbecue sausages literally up in the air until the last minute. But West Arnhem’s fantastic community spirit brought it all together in the end.Read more
07 Nov 2014
The rains and wild weather have arrived with a bang in West Arnhem. On Warruwi, storms on Wednesday 5 November brought down transmission lines, with power going out from 5am.Read more
03 Oct 2014
'Travel' in basketball is not usually a good thing. But for this group of Warruwi women, travelling to Barunga for an Indigenous community basketball challenge was a top move.Read more
30 Sep 2014
Students, families and community members got together at the Warruwi Recreation Hall for a wonderful, windy Wednesday of kite flying recently. There were colourful kites and clever kite pilots galore!Read more
30 Sep 2014
The artistic skills of young people in Warruwi were on display recently when the Mardbalk Arts and Culture held a local community exhibition in the art space.Read more
10 Jul 2014
JUST about everyone from Warruwi was there. Kids painted their faces, wore t-shirts with the colours and names of their favourite teams, and kids at the Warruwi Creche made a huge banner for the event. Held on Saturday 21 June, the Warruwi basketball finals was a huge event. Sparks-Wunyun won the Women's finals, with Mardbalk Cats scratching out a win in the Men's.Read more
06 May 2014
DROP in to the Mardbalk Arts Centre on any given day and you’ll discover a hive of activity. Kids and dogs are coming and going, and there is a constant stream of new artworks and sales. On Monday, 7 April, a cruise ship weighed anchor off the island, ferrying in a group of tourists and art buyers from South Africa, the Americas, New Zealand, and of course the rest of Australia.Read more